Remy Human Hair Extensions-Buyer Beware

All “Remy” human hair extensions are not created equally, as a matter of fact more times than not you are not buying Remy human hair extensions even though you think you are. There is a reason that this type of hair extension is regarded as the best of the best.

The Quality
The hair quality for it to be truly “Remy” must be exceptional. It must be virgin hair that has never been treated but that is not the only quality that makes human hair qualified to be sold as Remy hair. The quality hair must be processed in a very particular manner to get the end results that are associated with this premium hair.

The Process
When this type of hair is processed for sale it is arranged in a unilateral direction. Unilateral direction means that all the hair cuticles face the same direction resulting in a much more natural look. This type of hair can last up to 6 months with the proper care. This very valuable hair takes quite a bit of effort to create.

The Fakes
Many times, when you buy Remy hair what you get is a majority of Remy hair that is mixed with other types of human hair. Random testing has shown that:

  • Some extensions that claim to be Remy hair only contain 40% true Remy hair and 60% other human hair
  • It is difficult for the untrained eye to detect Remy and none Remy, however wearers of each type of human hair report that after a couple of weeks the difference is clear. Remy hair tangles less and sheds less.

100% human hair is often collected from hair brushes and off the floor of salons, Remy hair is not.
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