Removing Dandelions And Basic Lawn Care In Waukesha WI

If dandelions are growing in a back yard and diminishing the beauty of a piece of property, the following tips will assist with eliminating them. Basic maintenance steps will assist with keeping a lawn weed-free.


  *   gloves

  *   face mask

  *   organic pesticide

  *   weed pulling tool

  *   rake

  *   soil testing kit

  *   fertilizer

  *   grass seed

  *   sprinkler system

  *   lawn mower

Removing Dandelions And Testing Soil

Gloves and a face mask should be worn while treating weeds. An organic pesticide needs to be sprayed directly at each dandelion. Organic products are not harmful to the environment and are designed to treat many types of weeds. After weeds have wilted, a weed pulling tool can be used to remove weeds from the ground. A tool needs to be placed directly over each weed and pressed down into the soil a few inches. The property needs to be raked to level the soil.

A landscaping business can be hired to test soil if an individual does not have experience using a testing kit. If fertilizer is needed, it can be sprinkled across a lawn. Fertilizer will add nutrients to the soil and will make the conditions unfavorable for the growth of weeds.

Planting Grass Seed And Maintaining A Lawn

Grass seed should be sprinkled across spots on the ground where weeds were previously growing. A sprinkler system that can be programmed will ensure that grass seed receives plenty of water each day. After new blades of grass have emerged, a lawn will have a uniform appearance. A lawn can be maintained by cutting grass regularly and testing soil periodically to determine if more fertilizer needs to be added.

For more information about lawn care in Waukesha, WI, an individual can visit a landscaping company’s website. They may be instructed to Click here after selecting a lawn care in Waukesha, WI step that interests them. Landscapers can assist with lawn maintenance, providing a homeowner with the opportunity to enjoy their property daily without needing to perform any work. Additional features can be added to a lawn to enhance the surroundings. Patio furniture, a paved walkway, retaining wall, or flowerbed are some basic items that will beautify a piece of property and encourage an individual to spend more time outdoors.

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