Remove Bed Bugs from Your Home with Pest Control in Conway AR

After finding bed bugs inside of your home, you might have panicked. Even if you keep your home clean, it’s possible for bed bugs to find their way in, especially since they often travel from place to place while attaching themselves to clothes, bags, and other belongings. After the first sight of bed bugs, you must take control if you want them to go away. If you don’t do much about it at first, the problem will spread as the bed bugs begin to mate with one another. You’ll need pest control in Conway AR to have those bed bugs taken out of your home.


What Should I Do First?


The very first thing you should do is wrap your mattress in plastic tarp and seal it shut. By doing this, you’re literally blocking the bed bugs from escaping, causing them to suffocate and preventing them from spreading around on your mattress anymore. After you’ve wrapped the mattress, you can call the exterminators who take care of pest control in Conway AR. They’ll have products, such as insecticides, that they’ll be able to use around your home.


What Will Happen When The Exterminator Gets to My Home?


Even if you think the bed bugs are only in one room, the exterminator will check them all. It’s not always easy to see bed bugs from your point of view, but they’ll carefully check for signs that bed bugs have been around. They’ll also check areas where bed bugs tend to linger, such as headboard and baseboards.


You can decide which options you want the exterminator to use. They can spray the home with something that doesn’t have a lingering harmful scent yet would still kill any bed bugs that come near the spray. The can also use foggers inside the home, but you may need to stay outside for a bit while the chemical begins to spread, causing those bed bugs to die.

If you see bed bugs, remember that they can bite and they can mate fast, so you’ll need to get help as soon as you can. Command pest control can send exterminators to your home to remove the bed bugs.

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