Reduce the Risk of Electrical Problems Using a Superior Residential Electric Service in Louisville KY

The electrical system in a home can be a complex array of wiring, switches, outlets and breakers whose primary functions are to supply each room with a reliable flow of current. Unfortunately, because houses have evolved and the various appliances that are used in them have adapted to modern demands, the layout of the typical electrical system may not meet the needs of the homeowner. This is where the help of an experienced Residential Electric Service Louisville KY can help.

One of the more common issues in the home today is overloaded circuits. This is usually caused by rooms sharing a single circuit breaker and the wires inside a common wall. At one point, this method of installation was acceptable because most bedrooms had little use for electric outlets except for simple things like lighting, radios or record players.

When a breaker is shared between two areas, it often trips and stops the flow of power. Some folks attempt to fix this problem by installing a larger breaker, but this could put too much of a load on the existing wires and outlets. If those wires are old or have been previously overloaded, then they might overheat and cause a fire. The actual fix is to place one or more additional circuits in the home to supply electricity where it is required.

Another reason to consider a residential electric service in Louisville, KY is surge protection. A surge in the line can come from many places, even the motors on the appliances inside the building. However, an external surge is usually more powerful and can result in a lot of damage to multiple items. Most people protect their electronics with surge protectors, but common items such as refrigerators, microwave ovens and even televisions or stereos may be on an unprotected circuit.

It may be impossible to eliminate electrical surges, but an expert electrician should test the wiring for other potential problems. Some things they might check for are impedance and resistance in the wires and outlets. These two factors can contribute to electrical hazards including melted wiring, scorched outlets and the chance of fire because they can restrict the flow of electricity. This problem is often noticeable by the acrid smell of melting plastic commonly used for insulating the wires. For more details on these subjects or ways to prevent electrical problems talk to the excellent electricians at Mister Sparky.

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