Receive a Smile Makeover Through the General Dentist in St George UT

Having a beautiful smile makes people feel confident about their appearance. Though everyone wants to have an attractive smile, there are many cosmetic concerns that can arise and cause the teeth to look less attractive. Stains, gaps between the teeth, alignment issues and damage can all wreak havoc on the appearance of a smile. Though these issues are difficult to deal with, there is a solution through the General Dentist in St George UT. A smile makeover can be carried out to fully restore the beauty of the smile.

Though there are different methods of smile restoration, one of the most promising is carried out through dental veneers. Veneers are tooth-shaped shells that cover cosmetic damage in the teeth. Once veneers are in place, the smile becomes perfected and beautiful while still retaining normal function.

Veneers may be put in place two different ways. The General Dentist in St George UT may recommend his patient has porcelain veneers. These are the longest-lasting type of veneers and provide the most natural look. These veneers are created specifically for the patient and then adhered in place using a special dental cement. Once the veneers are in place, they completely hide any cosmetic concerns and can make any smile appear beautiful. Veneers can last for as long as twenty years as long as they are properly cared for.

A less expensive option for veneers involves the use of composite materials. These materials are carefully mixed and shaded to match the patient’s teeth. The material is then applied in layers to the teeth so they can be perfected through covering any cosmetic concerns. Once the materials are applied, they are carefully shaped and polished so the smile looks beautiful and natural.

Both options can give a person renewed confidence in the beauty of their smile. To learn which option will best benefit you, contact Hatch & Jeppson Dental and allow them to schedule a consultation appointment. Consulting with the dentist can allow for information to be shared so a decision can be made on which type of veneer will give the best results. Through veneers, a beautiful smile makeover takes place.

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