Reasons You Need Air Conditioning

Summer can be the best and worst season of the year, especially if you don’t have any air conditioning on a triple digit temperature type of day. Air conditioning in Chesapeake, VA may seem to be more of a nuisance than a benefit when it comes to the utilities bill each month, but the main benefit of air conditioning should be understood.

Humidity is the accurate measurement of what a given temperature feels like, because it is the equation of heat, water, and pressure combined. The amount of humidity in the summer compared to the winter has different definition due to this fact. For this reason, people invest in an air conditioning unit to use year round. Since our bodies consist of mostly water and skin, the effects of humidity can create an irregular imbalance in the human body, which can be fatal in heated climates or severe weather conditions.

Toxicity in Your Home

It seems impossible, but humidity is the combination of heat, pressure, and water. Water can draw out the toxic chemicals in your furniture and home and emit fumes into the air. Formaldehyde has been known to pollute the air in high humid climates. This chemical can be found in: lamps, couches, and metal from your stove, and could lead to bacterial growth in your home which can result in more toxic forms of mold that can be harmful to humans in high amounts of spores. You’re at risk of poisoning your household and inhaling these chemicals if you endure high humidity climates without air conditioning.

Pests and Rodents in Your Home

In areas with high humidity, pests control should be a number to keep on speed dial. Researchers have found that reducing the humidity below 50% will reduce the mite infestations in your home. However, there is still the risk of mice and rats entering your home, as they love humid environments for breeding. Roaches and fleas can also enter your home for breeding or feeding on the bacterial growth accumulated from the small humid areas in your home. If you don’t fix the humidity levels in your home, then those pests will be there to stay.

Humidity is bad for you if it does not meet the required environment requirements. Air conditioners are helpful tools that should be in possession at all times to avoid harm to you, your family, or your belongings. Do not try to look cool by not using an air conditioning unit; its use is for your health and safety.

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