Reasons Why A Chicago Wrought Iron Fence Could Be Perfect For Your Residence

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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When people consider fences, they want something that is practical and useful, but they also want it to look beautiful. A wrought iron fence takes care of both needs with one product, which is why many Chicago homes are now using such fencing options. It is versatile in that it can work with a variety of décor options from upscale elegance to ornate, but it’s also very practical and helpful.

Rust Resistance

Metal fences can rust and will do so in time, even if they’re properly maintained. However, because it is an alloy, it has better corrosion resistance than other metals because it uses a fibrous material along with the metal.

While rusting can still happen, painting it every three to four years can keep it from rusting and make it look like new again.


Many people have called wrought iron fencing the 100-year fencing option because it is so durable. If you care for it and keep it painted and looking nice, it could last an entire century. Likewise, it isn’t easily bent, dented or shocked so it will be there to keep people away for many years.


One of the most important factors for Chicago homes is to increase security and lessen the risk of theft and other problems. As long as you choose one that is high enough and has bars that are spaced together closely, they can prevent pets and children from leaving the vicinity. Likewise, they can keep unwanted animals and others out of the yard.

You can also use the around your swimming pool, as well as prevent intruders from entering the space.

A Chicago wrought iron fence is both beautiful and helpful. At Top Line Fence, we can help you improve the curb appeal of your home, as well as increase its value and enhance security. Contact we guarantee you will only receive top-notch service and products. Like us on Facebook for latest updates.