Reasons to use a Professional to Lay your Tiles

Installing tile can be tricky if you aren’t 100% sure of what you’re doing. Doing even one thing wrong, and not catching it in time (i.e. by the time the cement hardens, which is not very long) can throw literally the entire thing off. As such, people are more likely to hire a professional to lay down tile for them.

#1. Faster installation

Installing tile is a long, tedious, and (depending on how much tile you’re laying down) grueling job, especially for those with bad backs. It can take up to five hours just to install tile on one hallway. However, a professional typically has more than one person helping them out. So, the job goes by much faster because there are multiple people handling the various minutia of the job. A team of 3-5 people can have a hallway’s old tile floor removed and replaced with the new tile in under 3 hours if they set their minds to it.

#2. Less wasted tile

A big part of installing tile is cutting pieces of tile to suit certain corners or fit into awkward areas. This is the part of installing tile that is the easiest to screw up. If you’re off by so much as a centimeter, you just wasted an entire tile piece. With practice, it’s possible to learn, but if it’s your first time, you’re going to go through a lot of tile pieces. A pro, obviously, will not have this issue, and will make sure to have a dedicated tile saw ready for the task. Which leads us to the final point.

#3. Proper equipment

You cannot just use a regular saw to cut tile, the friction generated by the ceramic would ruin the saw blade. You need an actual tile saw, which utilizes water to keep the blade cool. There’s also tools used to mix the cement, to spread the cement on the designated area, keeping the tiles separated until it dries, and of course, putting in the grout between the tiles. Some people may have a few of these tools, but unless they themselves have done tile work in the past, they probably don’t have all of them. Which is why you call in a professional.

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