Reasons to Get Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS

Eyelid surgery is usually done to improve one’s appearance and involves removing excess skin from around the eyes. This excess skin can cause bags under the eyes or sagging on the upper lids, which can impair someone’s ability to see. The benefits and effects of Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS can last for up to seven years. A trained cosmetic surgeon can recommend the surgery, depending upon the client’s needs and set realistic expectations with the client. Check out for options and more information.


Many individuals undergo eyelid surgery in order to enhance appearance and achieve a more youthful appearance. Others undergo the surgery to improve a physical condition that is degrading the person’s quality of life. Removing excess skin from around the eyes will not eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, but it will reduce the appearance of bags that can make one appear tired or older. Excess skin can also be uncomfortable and make it difficult for some to use cosmetics.


Those who undergo Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS may also undergo simultaneous procedures. Patients can get fillers, injections and lifts, along with the eyelid surgery. All of these procedures are designed to work in conjunction to improve the patient’s appearance. Fillers can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, while injections can relax deeper wrinkles that are set within the skin. A forehead lift can smooth out even deeper wrinkles that are difficult to hide with injections and fillers. A lift can also reduce sagging skin.

Eyelid surgery is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning overnight hospitalization is not necessary. It also means the procedure is typically completed within one day and the patient can recover at home, as long as certain recovery instructions are followed. Before someone decides to get eyelid surgery, it is best to consult with qualified, board certified cosmetic surgeons to evaluate whether the surgery is the best option in the first place. The surgeon should also review the risks and benefits associated with the surgery, provide information on what the patient can expect the day of the surgery and during the recovery process.

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