Reasons to Consider Water Treatment in Truro NS

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Plumbing

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Everyone has likely heard of hard water and may wonder what it is. It just means that the water has many minerals in it, which can cause significant issues with your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. The goal here is to soften it so that the liquid doesn’t harm these items. Water treatment in Truro NS is an easy and cost-effective solution. You can find a variety of ways to soften the water, such as using tablets, using a machine, and others. The goal is to keep the liquid soft.

Water Heaters

Whether you use a gas or electric water heater, these machines are designed to last up to 15 years. However, hard water can cause mineral deposits to stay in the tank, which can decrease your machine’s efficiency over time. Over time, they can accumulate about 30 pounds of calcium carbonate, which shortens the heating element’s life and requires more energy to keep it running correctly.

Even tankless water heaters are prone to problems with hard water. When build-up happens, it can plug the downstream plumbing in just a little over two years. Therefore, you can expect issues if you have hard water, but water treatment in Truro NS can prevent this issue.


While a water heater is an appliance, it’s not the only one that uses water. For example, refrigerators with ice machines use water, as well as washing machines, coffee pots, and much more. Even tubs and shower stalls can have hard-water buildup, which leads to unsightly stains that are tough to clean.

While you can clean the outside, it’s highly difficult to clean the inside mechanisms of such machines. Therefore, you run the risk of reducing the lifespan of the appliance, making it work harder and use more energy, and causing a funny taste or staining of the clothes. Visit Pettis Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for more info.