Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

When a married couple is thinking about getting a divorce, the typical response is for both of the individuals to get a divorce attorney of their own. These types of divorces can often become adversarial. However, there is another approach that can be taken when using collaborative divorce lawyers. It has the potential to create a better, healthier, and ultimately friendlier divorce proceeding. Using these types of attorneys can provide some great benefits to those who want the divorce to be as amicable as possible.

The Main Benefits

One of the biggest benefits is that both of the parties in the divorce will have more control over the outcome of the divorce. It is possible to more easily come to agreements and compromises on the settlement without needing to have a judge be the final arbiter of the decision. You will also find that the process will typically take less time than going through litigation. This is because you can choose when and where you will get together to meet and come up with an agreement. You do not have to wait until the divorce courts can see you.

Reduce Your Stress

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful times that people can go through in their lives. They are often at odds with someone they thought they would spend the rest of their lives with. With this type of divorce, though, you will find that there is far less stress. You can reach your settlement even before the papers are filed in a divorce court, making it an easier option to use. After settling, a legally binding agreement is created and signed, and then filed with the court. This makes the entire process easier for everyone who is involved.

The Cost Can Be Less

Another reason to consider working with collaborative divorce lawyers is that it can be more affordable than a traditional divorce. After all, the fees for the attorneys and the court costs can rise quickly. This makes more financial sense for both parties.

Work With the Best

For those who are in Chicago and who are looking for a better way to go through a divorce, Michael C. Craven can help. The attorneys can help to make what is a difficult experience more bearable.

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