Reasons To Choose A Rawhide Bones Alternative For A Senior Dog

Senior dogs are an amazing gift and make a great pet to adopt from a rescue for many different reasons. They are also pets that need a bit of extra care and attention in their diet as well as their health and exercise.

A common issue in senior dogs is a lack of appetite. They may simply not be as active and may not feel the same hunger they did at mealtimes as a juvenile or active adult dog. Additionally, senior pets tend to have greater sensitivity to different food items, which means more upset stomachs and digestive problems to consider.

For these companion pets, choosing rawhide bones alternatives is a must. These dogs can be at high risk for digestive problems, blockages and choking, in many ways similar to the issues seen with rawhide and puppies.

Gulping and Swallowing

It is very easy to forget about a rawhide toy and leave it with a senior pet. However, this is a mistake that can be serious. Even when the dog is not an aggressive chewer, he or she can whittle down the rawhide bone and then swallow the smaller part, creating a risk of choking.

If the chunk goes down to the stomach, it can easily remain partially undigested for days. With the slower digestion of these dogs, it is easy for this mass to result in some restriction or blockage of the digestive system. By choosing rawhide bones alternatives that are 100% digestible and do not clump like rawhide, this issue can be avoided.

Taste Appeal and Dental Care

Most senior dogs do not find rawhide appealing. Choosing a tasty, nutritious and healthy rawhide bones alternatives will entice your senior dog to chew, which in turn will help with stimulating the gums, removing plaque and satisfying the urge to chew.

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