Reasons for Hiring Grain Dryers in Oregon

Grain handling is a process that should be conducted with great care because of the fatal hazards involved. The use of improper methods and equipment may lead to the commodity being destroyed or worse still, cause injuries. Handling equipment, storage structures such as bins and granaries and grain dust are potential threats for workers. Grain Dryers in Oregon describe these accidents as preventable. Here are some of the risks encountered in the grain handling process.


Since most storage structures are enclosed, they often accumulate a poisonous atmosphere. The science behind this condition is that common gases such as Carbon (IV) Oxide are denser than air, and accumulate over the grains hence displacing oxygen. This situation causes fatigue among workers and can easily cause death.

Respiratory and health hazards

Grain storage is also associated with molds, dusts and fungal toxins such as aflatoxin and mycotoxin that are potential health risks. It is recommended that immediately after harvesting, some prone grains such as corn be dried adequately to avoid the development of such toxic compounds .Repeated exposure to these substances poses a severe danger to workers’ health.? Other dangerous gases such as Ammonia and Nitrogen (IV) Oxide are possibly produced and are lethal to human life. Therefore, the significance of ventilating the facility cannot be underestimated.

Fire and explosions

The severity of grain dust explosions is death and serious property damage. When accumulated, grain dust is highly combustible and can explode if a large volume of it becomes airborne and ignited by electric faults or machinery.

Collapsing or falling

Grains stored on an elevated position are a leading cause of injuries and deaths for workers. It is important that workers operate in pairs for safety in case one gets trapped. Falls can also result from faulty ladders, grain bins and roofs.


Grain handling equipment such as sweeps, elevators and augers are also possible sources of injury that may leave workers amputated. The staff should ensure that these machines are properly guarded using shields to reduce chances of injury.
Being a sensitive process, it is advisable that the grain handling and storage process be done by specialists using appropriate equipment. Grain Dryers In Oregon, Ohio that can be relied on. They also construct, sell, service and repair equipment. For more information, visit

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