Reasons Contacting a Company Offering Residential Air Heating Service in Humble TX is a Good Choice

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Homeowners who want to make sure their air and heating system lasts as long as possible need to be sure, they have the unit serviced on a routine basis. By having a professional from a Residential Air Heating Service Humble TX inspect and clean the unit at least once a year, issues with the unit can be identified while they are still minor and easier to correct. Also, having a unit cleaned on a regular basis will help it run more effectively and efficiently.

When a homeowner decides to contact a company that offers Residential Air Heating Service Humble TX for service, it is best to do so during the off-season when the unit is not in high demand. This is in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild. Also, contacting a professional for service during these low demand times can make it easier to schedule the technician as well.

A technician will begin by cleaning the units. Both the heating and air cooling system on most units shares the same blower. Because of this, the unit can be very dirty. It will need to be vacuumed, and the air filter replaced. This unit also has a motor for powering the fan on the unit. The motor should also be inspected for signs of damage, such as burns or other marks. Connections and wires should be examined for damage or signs they are loose. The fan belt and fan may need to be replaced if they are damaged.

The air cooling system will have a separate unit outside of the home. It houses the condenser and compressor. This unit should be cleaned by the professional from a Residential Air Heating Service Humble TX. Once the outer housing is cleaned, the coils and fins inside the unit will also need cleaning. Browse website for more details.

The heating system operates by using a burner to heat the air. The burner can become clogged with soot and dirt. The technician will need to inspect this unit and clean it if necessary.

Keeping a home’s heating and air cooling system running clean can be the best way to limit the amount of power the unit needs. This can help in prolonging the life of the unit and keep energy costs low. Visit Madd Air Heating and Cooling for more information.