Realizing the Services a Custody Attorney Can Offer in Rockford, IL

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Automotive

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When you and your children’s other parent break up, you may still want to be involved in the lives of your children. You do not want the other parent to take them away from you and never let you see them again.

However, you may also want to forgo a casual agreement or assume if or when you get to see your kids. You may avoid contention and get an agreement in writing when you hire representation like a custody attorney in Rockford, IL, to take your case to family court for you.

Petitioning for Visitation

Even if the other parent agrees to let you see the children, you never know if or when this person will renege on the agreement or accuse you of kidnapping. You would have no legal way of proving you and the other parent agreed to share custody and that you have the right to see them.

A judge, however, can issue a legal decree giving you visitation with the children. You can avoid accusations of kidnapping them and also have legal recourse if the other parent refuses to give you access to the children. You can formalize a schedule for when the children get to spend time with you and when they must spend time with the other parent.

You can find out more about the services a custody attorney in Rockford, IL, can offer to you online. To get a consultation with a lawyer, reach out to the Crosby Law Firm.