Providence HVAC Contractors Provide Reliable Service 24 Hours a Day

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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People who live in Providence, Rhode Island face humid summers and cold winters. That means that they rely on Providence hvac contractors to keep the temperature in their homes comfortable. The best way to avoid unexpected equipment failures is to have the systems checked out before their busy season. In the northeast that means that furnaces should be checked out in the fall and air condition systems in the spring.

Oil heat is common in Providence. Not only does the furnace need to be inspected and cleaned, the oil tank and the connections between the tank and furnace need to be in good working order. Often Providence hvac contractors will use an ultra-sound machine to check the thickness of the walls of the oil tank. This prevents an oil spill from happening. Not only does this waste expensive fuel, it can be an environmental hazard.

Well-maintained heating and cooling systems keep the air in the house much cleaner. Providence HVAC Contractors always change out the filters on the furnace and air conditioning system. If they are permanent filters, then they are cleaned. Homeowners who want to have the cleanest air possible will have their air conditioning vents and ducts cleaned each year as well. These dark and damp places can breed a variety of mold, mildew and bacteria. In addition small rodents can also live in these. Their droppings can contain a variety of serious illnesses. It’s important to have these areas cleaned out and sanitized on a regular basis.

Homeowners should consider Providence HVAC Contractors that have a service club. Members pay a fee and then receive a certain number of scheduled maintenance visits. Often they receive a discount on parts and labor. If they need emergency service, they go to the top of the list. It is reassuring for a homeowner when they need help in the middle of the night and a familiar face knocks on the door. When a technician arrives with a fully stocked service van, it usually takes a short time to have the heat or air conditioning working again. Often night and weekend surcharges are waived for service club members.