Protecting Parental Rights

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Being a parent is perhaps the most important role that anyone has throughout their life. In some cases, the paternity of a child may be in question, and having a parental rights attorney representing you throughout these cases is important.

In Richardson and throughout the area, paternal rights attorneys can work with both mothers and fathers to establish the paternity for a child and then set up visitation and support so both parents can be involved in the life of the child. However, without establishing paternity, it is more complicated for both parents, and it leaves children in a difficult state as well, particularly as they get older and have questions.

Increasing Need for Parental Rights
While there are obvious reasons why there may be a need for paternal rights attorneys to help a father or a mother establish paternity for a child, there is an increasing need for assistance for parents using surrogate services, egg donation, and other types of fertility services.

Today, paternal rights attorneys are often involved in these complicated cases where there may be more than one mother or more than one father trying to establish their legal place as a parent to a child.

Options to Consider
One of the most recommended types of tests used in Richardson paternity cases is a DNA test. These types of genetic tests are non-invasive and can use different options for testing, including mouth swabs, bone, hair, or blood samples collected from the child and the potential father or mother.

These tests then go to a DNA testing lab, with the results arriving back to the individual in a few weeks. With almost 100% accuracy, these tests are essential to establish paternity or to eliminate a person from consideration as the father or mother of the child.

Once paternity is established, the individual has parental rights under the Texas Family Code. These rights must be provided by the other parent, which allows the father (or mother in surrogacy cases) to be able to be involved in the child’s life and to make essential decisions on the care and upbringing of the child.

If you have questions about paternity or maternity, talk to the paternal rights attorneys in Richardson at Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP.