Protect Your Home and Family with Help from Professional Chimney Sweeps

Having a fireplace or a wood-burning stove in your home can mean hours of warmth and relaxation, but it does come with some responsibilities. Any time you’re dealing with fire, bad things can happen, so taking proper precautions to keep your stove or fireplace in good shape just makes good sense. Annual inspections and cleanings, performed by professionally trained and equipped chimney sweeps will ensure that you and your family or friends can safely enjoy the benefits of a warm fire on a cold evening.

A thorough inspection of your stove, fireplace, chimney and flue at least once a year will not only help prevent the possibility of a devastating chimney fire, it can also reduce the risks associated with the buildup of harmful carbon monoxide gas in your home. Well-trained and certified chimney sweeps can not only remove the accumulated creosote from the inside of your chimney, but they can also remove any blockages they may find along the way. Debris that results from storms like tree branches, twigs, and leaves, or the nests of birds or other animals that set up housekeeping in your chimney can all cause a dangerous backup of smoke and gases in your home. A regular professional Chimney Cleaning in Bergen County NJ can keep your home and family safe.

Inspections may reveal that your chimney or its various related components are in need of repair. Expert chimney sweeps can handle a variety of tasks, including the professional installation of a chimney liner and chimney caps in addition to masonry repairs, chimney rebuilding, and complete restorations. Damaged chimney liners can result in a leakage of heat into parts of your home where it can cause structural damage or even a fire. Chimney caps can not only eliminate the possibility of water damage to the interior of your chimney, but they can also keep out debris and unwanted animal intruders.

Handling all of the responsibilities that go along with a fireplace requires a reliable company with years of experience and a highly-trained staff. Chimney Cleaning in Bergen County NJ can be critical to the health and safety of your family, so when you are looking for skilled chimney pros, Contact All American Chimney & Duct Cleaning Inc. They can provide you with a thorough assessment and a free estimate. Family owned and operated for over 30 years, they can perform anything from routine chimney cleaning to complex repairs.

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