Protect Your Fine Tables with Dining Room Table Pads

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Home And Garden

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A fine wood dining room table looks great with nothing on it, but that appearance won’t last for long if it isn’t protected during use. Putting a tablecloth on top may make it look protected, but in reality, this isn’t enough to prevent damage to the finish of such tables. Any spills can go right through a piece of fabric and ruin the looks of the table underneath. This threat is so great that you’ll find yourself clenching the edge of your chair every time someone sets a cup of coffee or other drink onto the tablecloth. You can’t enjoy a meal when you’re worrying like that!

The solution to this problem is good dining room table pads. High-quality pads provide a surface that is flat, stable, and extremely resistant to spills. These pads are far better than quilts or other such forms of protection because they’re flat enough to safely use during meals. Another good attribute is that they come with tops that are appealing enough to be left exposed for informal dining. With custom pads from Superior Table Pad Co. Inc., you can even choose the pattern for your pad. A variety of solid colors and woodgrains are available for the top. You can even customize the color of the pad bottoms! All pad bottoms are made of extremely soft, non-scratch material so that you don’t have to worry about the table being damaged by the pad itself.

Table pads don’t just protect from spilled drinks or dropped food. They can also protect the table from heat damage. Even the econo pads protect up to 350F, but for full security, it’s a good idea to go for one from the Elite Series. These protect the underlying table from temperatures up to 550F, so you can feel secure bringing serving dishes directly from the oven to the table. Other differences between price levels include thickness and color selection.

When you order table pads, one thing to keep in mind is that they come in sections. Therefore, it’s a good idea to order them with locks so the pieces can’t slip away from each other. Locks must be ordered with the pads; they cannot be added later. This is because the pads must be made to accommodate them. The cost of this upgrade is low, so don’t hesitate to add it. To find more details, click here.