Proper Tire Care for Longer Life and Better Performance

Whether you drive a car, pickup, SUV or construction equipment, your tires are some of the most important things to take care of. In fact, if you fail to take proper care of your tires, you might frequently need to contact a 24-hour emergency tire service in San Antonio. Here are some helpful tips for better performance and fewer headaches.

Inflation is Very Important

How often do you check the air pressure in the tires? The truth is, most people fail to check their tires often enough. In cold weather, it is even more important to maintain proper inflation, because cold air can cause the rubber to contract and air loss can result.

Checking tires should always be done when they are cold. This means the car should sit for a reasonable amount of time before checking. If you check tire pressure right after driving, you’ll get a higher than normal pressure reading. This is due to the fact than friction from driving warms the tires and wheels, expanding the air inside. When you air up warm tires, you may overinflate them without realizing it.

To find out how much air you should have, check the tire sidewalls. It will display a maximum psi rating which should not be exceeded.

Check Your Spare Tire Too

Spare tires sit in trunks and over time, they will lose air. In fact, they may even go flat. At least once every few months, check your spare. Otherwise, you’ll need to call a 24-hour emergency tire service in San Antonio, or you’ll be stranded along side of the road some dark night when you have a flat tire.

How to Tell If Your Tires Are Wearing Well

When you air up tires you should take a few minutes to check out the tread. Here are some common problems you may notice and the causes:

 * Excessive wear in the middle of the tread pattern – this means the tire has been driven for a long time with too much air pressure.

 * Extra tread wear on the outer edges of the tire – caused by running tires underinflated.

 * Cupped tread wear patterns – usually caused by worn shocks or struts.

 * One side of tread is worn excessively – often a result of a front end misalignment.

If you notice any of these issues, you should have them fixed promptly, before the problem worsens.

Fix Leaks as Soon as Possible

If you notice a tire is losing air regularly, you should have it repaired as soon as you can. Chances are, a nail or sharp object is causing the problem and it can suddenly get worse, leaving you stranded. Use a trusted repair shop, as they provide 24-hour emergency tire service in San Antonio and many other services.

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