Proper Dementia Care Is Critical

People who are in the process of developing dementia will usually start by forgetting very small things. They might leave their keys in strange places or forget the names of common objects, while still being able to manage themselves well enough that they can get along in a home alone. Sadly, this is a condition that becomes progressively worse over time, and it is very difficult to discern exactly when someone has crossed the line and needs someone to watch after them.

Families are often reluctant to make a change before the situation is obviously dangerous, but there is good Dementia Care out there that provides safe and comfortable living for those who need it.

One of the worst things that someone in danger of developing or worsening mental clarity can do is to stop engaging in new and enjoyable experiences. Older people often fall into the trap of staying inside their home and watching television for most of the day. In a proper care setting, the experience is very different. Someone will check in and make sure daily routines are being completed and engaging with them for company. This arrangement makes it much easier to get the ongoing stimulation that is good for the brain, and the experiences that are a lot more enjoyable.

Good home care also provide the monitoring and support that older adults need. Patients who need Dementia Care in Jacksonville, FL will often have needs that differ slightly from one day to the next. It’s not uncommon for people in a certain stage of the condition’s progression to experience something called “sundowning,” which refers to a distinct worsening of confusion and anxiety symptoms that typically sets in around sunset.

Home care provides support services like help with food and cleaning, so that patients can do as much as they feel capable of on a given day, but are still safe and well cared for at the times when they need more support.

Senior Helpers in Jacksonville are designed to support older adults through a full range of needs. They offer independent living for people who simply need help with the maintaining of their own home, and patients can move up through the levels of support as their health and condition requires it.

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