Preparing for Your Dumpster Delivery Near Charleston, SC

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Dumpster Rental

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You have decided to press forward with your home improvement project, and the reputable dumpster delivery near Charleston, SC, is set for the next day. Before the trash container is delivered to your property, a few additional tasks need to be completed on your end.

Staging Area

Because this is where the dumpster will be put, the location you choose must be handy for the project you are working on. It would be inconvenient to go a great distance while carrying all the waste and rubbish you are attempting to dispose of.

Because soft materials, such as grass, might be harmed by the weight of the full trash, the staging location should also be firm, flat, and level. The truck may need to partially drive to the staging area; thus, you should ensure that there is nothing the vehicle could potentially harm.


You should inspect the clearance area around your home. This includes hanging objects near your home, such as power wires and low-hanging trees. Due to how the delivery vehicle drops off and picks up the dumpster rental, you need at least 16 feet of clearance. You should also move any vehicles, supplies, or equipment in the delivery area on the day of delivery.

Access to Staging Area

Examine the entrance to the staging area for the dumpster delivery near Charleston, SC. You don’t want the vehicle to become trapped since it is larger than the dumpster. The trucks need at least a 12-foot-wide driveway and staging space to operate properly.

However, the vehicle needs a minimum of 18 feet of width to be able to navigate when making deliveries and picking up packages. Before the truck comes, measure the width of any alleyways you need to send the vehicle through.