Personal Training Is Better In-Person

There is a lot of hype in tech news about the future of virtual reality this year. However, when it comes to fitness, the reality of using a VR program as a substitute for a real life personal trainer is several years off, and here?s a few reasons why:

Faster Results

A real personal trainer can monitor and interact with a client far more effectively than a software program. Plugging in physical measurements, calories burned and goals into an online program will not give an individual the customized coaching and instruction they need to achieve maximum results.

Most people need more than a leader board on a website to motivate them to lose weight or improve their cardiovascular fitness. An emotional connection with a real person can help people achieve their fitness goals better than any software program. People don’t want to disappoint their personal trainer; it’s easy to blow off a software program.

Constructive Feedback

Quality of sleep, wellness and external factors can affect a person’s physical performance and motivation to eat right and train. A mobile app cannot adapt to those elements with an algorithm. A personal trainer can guide clients through their journey to a healthier life, says ACE certified personal trainer Shawn McClendon.

Cost vs. Results

A mobile app might only cost 99 cents, but how valuable is that app to the buyer? A monthly membership at a gym will cost more, but will be far more valuable to the customer.

Remote trainers are a new fad, says Paula Mooney of Inquisitr. Those considering an expensive online personal trainer should think about how awkward it would be to hold a cellphone at a gym to Skype with a trainer while lifting weights.

Crash diets deliver temporary results and can lead to bad habits. Joining a gym can be like becoming part of a family. The relationships that customers form as members not only will last longer than the results of a crash diet, but can improve the overall quality of life for the individual in the long term.

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