Personal Injury Cases Managed by A Maritime Injury Attorney in Crowley, LA.

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Personal Injury Attorney

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In Crowley, LA. maritime workers often face serious hazards each day. These risks are associated with a variety of safety failures and non-compliance with federal regulations. These failures place them at risk of sustaining serious injuries that could affect them the rest of their lives. The following are various types of personal injury cases managed by a maritime injury attorney in Crowley, LA.

Back Injuries Due to Lifting Heavy Items

Back injuries occur most often due to lifting heavy items improperly. Maritime workers are required to lift these items every day they work. Employers may fail to provide necessary equipment or tools to prevent these injuries. These occurrences are more likely to lead to permanent injuries, including limited range of motion. In the most severe cases, the worker may lose the ability to work in this industry or another other industry.

What are the Most Common Causes of Burn-Related Injuries?

Burn-related injuries are sustained due to the use of excessively flammable fuels. If the employer doesn’t present policies for the proper handling of these fuels and doesn’t follow federal regulations, workers are more likely to sustain severe burns that cause a fatality or the loss of limb or function. Additional causes for these burns are explosions that are often related to these fuels.

The Failure to Protect Against Occupational Disease

While the most common development isn’t cancer, it is a condition that is closely related to the exposure to certain chemicals. These developments produce thickening of lung tissue and lung conditions that have similar effects related to lung cancer. The workers could develop this condition due to prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals used in the work environment each day. Chemical and other toxic spills are also common events that lead to these occupational diseases. If the workers develop this condition, they have a higher probability of dying.

In Crowley, LA. maritime workers face serious risks throughout their workday. These risks are often associated with a failure to comply with federal regulations related to safe work environments. Workers are at a greater risk of sustaining injuries or occupational diseases due to these failures.

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