Periodontitis and Your Emergency Dentist in Long Island

The causes of periodontal disease or periodontitis are usually bacteria and their toxins, but also protruding sharp edges of a filling, dentures or parts of an orthodontic appliance (braces, etc.). There are a number of different types of bacteria known to the human mouth. As long as this list is, however, in the biological equilibrium, they are harmless. However, if this physiological balance is disturbed, the party concerned may get periodontitis. At this time, seeking help from an emergency in Long Island is a must.

Periodontal disease

The main causes are:

? Bacterial plaque

? Poor oral hygiene and dental care

? Low health awareness

? Nicotine consumption

? Stress

An influential role also occurs with:

? Hormones (pregnancy)

? Diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, immunological diseases

? Some medications

? Genetic factors

Plaque first forms on the teeth and at the gum margins, and these are a true playground for bacteria. They feed off food particles in the mouth and excrete metabolic products which irritate the gums. The result is inflammation of the gums, which may cause your gums to bleed a lot more or less. People who avoid brushing only makes matters worse. If a plaque is not removed, it hardens into tartar and can cause deep gum pockets. Inside these pockets live numerous species of bacteria that are no longer accessible with a toothbrush, meaning they can multiply undisturbed. Leftovers and existing plaque not only causes bad breath, but it may solidify under the gumline and form calculus (tartar).

All these factors cause inflammation in the periodontal pocket, which breaks down the bone. The gums withdraws and the teeth appear longer. Through degradation of the bone, the cementum and the periodontal ligament of the tooth loses its footing and is later lost. Not all people react the same; what triggers the disease in one person may have no consequences with another. Most often it occurs, however, only in adulthood.

The more bacteria that lives in the mouth, the more aggressive they are. This means your immune system weakens as well. Smokers have a fourfold higher risk of getting periodontitis. Increasingly, gingivitis and periodontal disease can occur during hormonal changes too: puberty and in pregnant women. For more information about periodontitis, contact your local Emergency dentist in Long Island today.

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