Payroll and Merchant Services For Your Small Business

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Financial Services

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Handling payroll services in-house can be time-consuming and difficult for a small business. You would need to hire someone on a full-time basis to figure out your payroll, deduct for insurances and taxes, cut checks, and file quarterly tax reports. You would also need to hire additional personnel to handle human resource tasks, such as workers’ compensation insurance, background screening, and new hire paperwork. A small business may not have the money or office space for additional staff. Having a payroll services company to do all that for you saves your business time, space, and money.

Utilizing the services of a company like Advantage Payroll Services, for example, allows you to enter your small business information online at your convenience. There is no software to purchase or download. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. They will do the rest. Services can include tax filing, all payroll duties, time and attendance systems, ledger interfacing, human resources, employee benefits programs, insurances, and background screening solutions.

You can offer paycards to your employees instead of paper checks. Paycards allow for direct deposit, online bill payment, mobile banking, electronic pay stubs, and text alerts when money has been deposited. Your employees will appreciate the ease and convenience of paycards over checks. They will not have to take the?time to go to the bank to cash paper checks or worry about losing them.

Merchant services provide?any type of payment processing that will suit your business needs. You can set up secure online or mobile payment options for your customers. Credit card processing options will improve customer interactions by giving them more ways to pay for goods or services. It is possible to streamline your processes and reduce business costs.

Other Merchant services include a business line of credit, small business loans, equipment financing, and equipment leasing. One or more of these services can cut down on your workload, reduce company expenses, and let you focus on your small business. You choose what combination of services offered will work best for your business. You can call for an appointment to discuss your needs and your budget concerns, have all your questions answered, and get recommendations for services. You can begin whenever you are ready.