Pascagoula Mississippi Fabrication and ISO 9001 Certification

What do Pascagoula Mississippi Fabrication and ISO 9001 certification have in common? A lot, actually. Chances are, if you’re searching for Pascagoula Mississippi Fabrication, you’re looking to have repairs done to keep your business running smoothly. You don’t want to trust just anyone for a job that important.


However, the words “ISO 9001 certification” may seem confusing. What is “ISO”? How does a company become certified by them? What does that mean for the company and its clients? The truth is, ISO certification is very important. Here’s why:


What is “ISO”?


ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. This organization is basically a body of people from all over the world who set strict rules that companies should follow in order to produce the best service or product for their clients. The organization began in 1947 and has been known as the leading authority on standardization ever since. The organization, however, is not actually involved in the certification itself.


What is 9001 Certification?


The 9000 series is simply the standards series used by the majority of certified companies. To become 9001 certified, a company must pass an assessment by a professional. This can take up to six months or longer. The assessment will judge whether the company closely follows the standards outlined in the Quality Manual. Professionals will look over many factors that go into how well a company runs.


Why ISO 9001 Certification Is Important


At the simplest level, ISO 9001 certification assures that a company is operating as efficiently as possible. Companies who have gone through the trouble of becoming certified are concerned with keeping their customers as happy as possible. Their employees are trained to meet all of the customer’s needs and to communicate easily with all other areas of the company. Steps are also taken to insure that information is recorded quickly and accurately resulting in less confusion and stress for the company and its clients. An ISO 9001 certified company runs like a fine tuned machine, and makes for satisfied customers.


Ideally, any company you trust to work with should be ISO 9001 certified. When you Browse Website of a company you’re considering working with, check to be sure that they list ISO 9001 certification as an asset. You’ll know you can trust them with important tasks if they can boast of this certification. Watch videos on Youtube.

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