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by | Mar 11, 2020 | Law

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Individuals who are looking for experienced work comp lawyers in MN can get the services they need from Osterbauer Law Firm. Workplace and automobile accidents can have a huge impact on a person’s life. When an individual is unable to work, this compromises his/her income and ability to care for a family. The injuries sustained from an accident can also have lasting effects on a person’s health. That’s why Osterbauer Law Firm is committed to answering client questions and concerns and working diligently to help people get the compensation they deserve.

Work comp lawyers in MN will carefully review client cases to determine the cause of the injury and whether the victim is entitled to compensation from his/her workplace. Common workplace injuries include slips and falls, loss of a limb or loss of use of a limb, carpal tunnel syndrome and loss of hearing or vision. The legal team will evaluate the situation to determine whether proper safety precautions were put in place. Attorneys will work to find out whether injured employees received adequate training to use certain equipment and machinery. Clients who are treated for their injuries should also keep record of all hospital stays and procedures. Hospital bills are part of a client’s legal file and the Osterbauer legal team should be aware of any insurance claims concerning the accident as well. These factors help the legal team form a case that will result in financial reward for individuals who have experienced serious accident or injury on the job.

MN residents interested in workers compensation can visit http://www.osterbauerlawfirm.com for more information.