Options for Residential Roof Replacement in Fort Collins CO

Homeowners have several options when it comes to residential roof replacement. The first major decision is the technique used for the project. That choice depends on the condition of the current roof, the type of damage sustained, and the strength of the structure. Re-roofing is a technique that actually adds a new roof on top of the existing roof. That can save a lot of time and money, if it is an option. It eliminates the need to tear off the old roofing, prepare the structure for a new roof, and add initial layers of insulation and protection. Re-roofing can include extra layers of waterproofing materials, insulation to increase energy efficiency, and other protective layers between the old roof and the new roof. This technique cannot be done if there is already two layers of roofing on the home, if the structure cannot handle the additional weight of another roof, or the damage is too extensive.

Total residential roof replacement in Fort Collins CO require the old roof to be torn down, repairs made to the sub-structure, and an entirely new roof installed, including initial layers for waterproofing and insulation. The process is more expensive, takes longer, and is much more involved than re-roofing. The benefit to a total replacement is that homeowners can take that opportunity to alter the appearance of the home. A metal roof can replace tiles, an upgrade in materials is easier, and skylights or solar panels can be added, if desired. There are several materials, colors, and designs from which to choose, so the home can look completely different. Curb appeal can be boosted, and the value of the home will be increased.

Homeowners can also decide to have a roof replaced if the current roof is older. The savings in energy costs, repairs to the existing roof, and maintenance costs may make replacing the roof a cost-effective home improvement. In some cases, the savings realized is more than the cost of the replacement. The value of the home increase substantially, and the decrease in energy costs lasts for up to twenty years. People were trying to prolong the life of their current roof can do so with minor repairs, routine maintenance, and annual inspections.

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