Open Up Your Space with Flex Wall Fixtures

For the modern home or office, flexible and versatile room dividers and partitions are becoming increasingly popular to create more interesting, functional and productive spaces without sacrificing privacy when it is needed. In lieu of old fashioned partitions that take multiple persons to move, adjust or take down, the modern flex wall utilizes sliding door technology to effortlessly glide and redesign a room on the fly. If you are looking for a stylish and functional way to divide or combine your spaces, keep these innovative doors/walls in mind.


Around the Office
Flex wall technology is becoming a necessity around many offices because of its ease of use and space-saving properties. You’ve likely seen the accordion style doors that are used in old fashioned offices to separate meeting rooms and give flexibility to the size of conference and lecture spaces. If you have been around accordion doors for any length of time, however, you have likely also seen their downsides. These doors often get jammed, stuck or stop locking properly. What’s more, they are almost always unattractive and certainly don’t add to the style of the office. A sliding glass flex wall solves all of these problems. Glass doors don’t get stuck or jammed like accordion doors. Plus, they’re available with a variety of frame and glass style to match the décor of any office.


Around the Home
While flexible room partitions may seem like something you only need in work spaces, they are equally valuable around the home. They can be used to section off laundry areas and walk-in closets. They also become modern masterpieces when used in open studio apartments, creating fully divided and private rooms that transform back to the original fully open space in seconds. Room dividers around the home usually end up getting knocked over, beat up or permanently pushed out of the way when they become a nuisance. A flex partition gives you the more serious, stylish way to transform your space.

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