Online Sellers in NY: Using a Color Correction Service Can Increase Sales

Realtors say, “Eye appeal is buy appeal.” The eye appeal maxim also applies to online sales. The more attractive the photo of a product is, the more likely the product is to sell.

What Color Correction Does

A color correction service, aka color enhancement service, improves the quality of sales photos. Adjusting the balance, color, and tone enhances the photo. The correct combination of color and shading compels people to look at a picture they might have ignored. The wrong camera setting or, in the case of images taken outdoors, lousy weather, can diminish the quality of a sales photo. Color enhancement corrects photographic imperfections.

The Importance of Color in Marketing

Psychology is a crucial element of a successful ad campaign. Choosing the right colors is part of that psychology. Color affects mood and behavior, like the decision to make a purchase. Color guides the eye to an image and determines how the image is perceived. The brain decides what the essential elements of a photo are because of color. Let’s look at the psychology of specific colors.


Blue is soothing and associated with trustworthiness “true blue.”


Through its association with nature, green invokes images of peace and harmony.


The emotions evoked by red range from love to fear. Red is the most effective color for capturing someone’s attention.

For Production Services

Based in New York, NY Chromavision offers media production companies a variety of services including sound design, video production, and color correction services.

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