Online Gift Cards in Maui to Sample Hawaiian Cuisine at Local Restaurants

Hawaiian cuisine has been influenced by countries around the globe, including places as diverse as Portugal, Korea, and Japan. Hawaiian restaurants featuring representative foods of the islands have an eclectic menu that looks like an intriguing mixture of cuisine styles. Online Gift Cards in Maui for these types of restaurants are excellent presents for newcomers who are just learning about typical local eating styles.

Customers who receive Online Gift Cards in Maui for favorite local restaurants might be interested in some of the Portuguese items on the menu. For instance, they may wonder how Portuguese sausage differs from the Italian version with which they are very familiar.

Portuguese Sausage

Oddly enough, Portuguese sausage is now connected more with Hawaii than with the European country. Immigrants from that country, arriving in Hawaii in the late 1800s, brought their recipe along. The meat soon became a favorite of the islanders. Its characteristic spices are garlic and paprika. In contrast, Italian sausage is noted for its fennel flavor in addition to several other spices. People can order Portuguese sausage in mild, medium, and spicy versions, although not all versions may be available at every dining establishment.

Hawaiian Breakfast

People who have moved to Hawaii from the continental United States will notice differences in the breakfast menus. In addition to offering toast and potatoes, the menus typically also offer rice with eggs and a meat choice. Unlike most restaurants on the mainland, Hawaiian breakfast menus commonly offer Spam as a meat choice.

A Portuguese omelet and omelet sandwich may be featured. This includes the sausage in addition to scrambled or fried eggs. This type of omelet also includes cheese.

Portuguese Bean Soup

Another dish of interest at establishments like Zippy’s Restaurants is the Portuguese bean soup. The precise recipe varies depending on the chef and the restaurant, but some similarities can be counted on. This is a hearty dish that is considered an entire meal, although customers love to have it alongside a sandwich. In addition to the sausage and beans, it may include chicken, cabbage, and other vegetables. View the entire menu at

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