ObviouslyTrust and Court: Finding a Worthy Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut Source with Community History

Clients have to find a Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut service that they trust. This can be difficult. How can anyone know who to trust to provide a fantastic service if they haven’t already done the service? Reviews can help in this area. Visiting public blogs and finding reputable sources can help pinpoint a provider who has a long history of developing and completing projects. It often comes down to just moving forward and remaining flexible and communicative.

The Story of the Cabin

A Connecticut family sought to develop a cabin on land they owned. It was a dream project. They went to a community forum and set up bids on the project. A company bid $3,500 to clear the area of trees and provided a two-week deadline. The family paid half upfront.

After a week of no communication, the family was suspicious. When the two-week deadline hit, they went to the property and found it in disarray. The family filed a small claims suit. Unfortunately, the provider filed back, saying that he is still owed for the remaining project.

The area is incomplete. Trees were still on site and brushes were stacked up but not removed. What should be simple was not. The court case ran for months without a clear resolution towards either party.

Finding a Tree Removal Provider

How could this be? Interestingly, contractors are not required to have a state license to cut trees, according to an NBC Connecticut report. Rules vary by the town. Without a clear-cut answer, it seems that discrepancies can be found and potential small claim courts can become murky even when it seems so simple.

The Department of Consumer Protection suggests some tips for service, including reading reviews and checking out the BBB. Find a trusted Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut provider who has a standing in the community.

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