Nevada’s Best & Boldest Wrestling Shoes for Training & Tourneys

Wrestling shoes have come a long way since the 90s. Today’s shoes are flashy, comfortable and engineered to take plenty of beatings. Depending on the level of competition, specific shoe guidelines vary, but some general rules apply across the board. Here’s what to look for and why.

Forget the Heels

Heeled shoes create a height advantage, but they also create a barrier between foot soles and the floor beneath. Most guidelines call for shoes without heels to prevent height advantages and give the competitor a flat, well-grounded connection with the mat. Enhanced ridge detail augments traction, giving each foot an optimal grip.

Opt for High Tops

From high school to the Olympics, high tops are a must. They stabilize ankles and prevent messy injuries that might occur during slips on sweaty mats. Today’s high top shoes for wrestling consist of lightweight yet extremely durable material that breathes as it reinforces, keeping ankles from rolling and straining.

Velcro or Laces?

Trend-forward designs incorporate Velcro flaps primarily to showcase unique colorways or brand logos. However, laces are still the universal standard. They let the wearer adjust the tightness of ankle support, and they’re easier to fasten, bind down and tuck away for safety.

Colors & Materials

Guidelines on best colors and materials are a bit lax. For tourneys, team colors might be preferable. For all other purposes, it’s up to the wrestler. Rubber soles tend to be superior for their resilience and grip. Mesh uppers and EVA sock liners keep feet cool and dry inside and out.

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