Need a Pre-School Offering a Superior Elementary Montessori Education?

There was a time when the far south side of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs needed more Montessori education available. Council Oak Montessori School, a form of pre-school located in the neighboring suburb of Blue Island and founded by a group of parents, was launched in 1990 to fill that void.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori education is a form of schooling founded by the Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. As opposed to educated centered on a teacher’s directive, Montessori is child-directed or self-directed by the child. It involves hands-on learning and collaborative play based on a child’s choice, but, at the same time, guided by the teacher.

The form of education at an pre-school not only allows a child to learn at his or her pace which is based on the science of the natural development of the human being, but there are many other benefits. Some of these include the ability to move around, explore, and talk at will without disturbing others, uninterrupted work cycles, and a focus on more than just academics. Montessori education gives a student a comprehensive way to learn.

“Freedom Within Limits” Approach

Council Oak Montessori school allows a child to learn in a non-traditional way while still achieving all of the skills expected within the three-year limit. COMS teachers have a defined curriculum created to produce highly functioning children attained with the “freedom within limits” approach. Each week, children agree to a “work contract” which indicates what needs to be completed over the week. What’s unique about Montessori education is that if a child needs to spend an entire day working on math, for example, he or she can do that.

If you’re looking for quality Montessori education on the far south side of Chicago, consider Council Oak Montessori School.

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