Need a New Roof? Metal Roofs in Middletown, DE are a Good Choice

by | Dec 26, 2013 | Roofing

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Metal roofs are now an option for residential homeowners. They were once only found on commercial buildings, but advances in design and construction have made them a popular choice for single-family homes as well. With new production methods Metal Roofs Middletown DE come in a variety of styles and colors. Hidden fasteners create a beautiful roof line and still provide the stability that homeowners expect from a metal roof.


The Charles C. Connel Roofing Company has been installing all types of roofs since 1938. This third generation and locally-owned business can work with homeowners to determine if Metal Roofs Middletown DE are the best option roofing material for their home. Tradtional roofs last for about 20 years, so customers don’t have a lot of experience installing roofs. One of the major benefits of a metal roof is that it lasts even longer. Metal roofs have a proven performance of over 50 years. That’s one of the reasons that they are so popular for municipal and institutional buildings.


The interlocking panels give Metal Roofs Middletown DE the ability to withstand the strong winds and hail storms. Many customers may have been in a barn or industrial building with a metal roof during a storm. It was probably very noisy and they are concerned that a residential roof would be just as noisy. That’s not the case. Metal shingles or shakes are designed with a specific pitch to naturally mute the sound of rain. If customers want it to be even quieter, there are metal roofing materials that are made with insulation.


It’s a myth that metal roofs are more susceptible to lightening strikes. In fact, Metal Roofs Middletown DE are very fire resistant. The durability of the metal also protects it from hail damage. The natural texture of the metal means that if hail does strike the roof, the impact will be less noticeable. Homeowners who want the benefits of a metal roof and also want to live in accordance with sustainable living practices are pleased to learn that metal roofs are made from almost 100 percent recycled materials. They also reduce the amount of energy it takes to cool a home.