Missing a Tooth? A Dental Implant Dentist in Bedford, NY Can Replace It

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Dentistry

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People who lose a tooth through an accident or due to decay now have a good option to replace it. A Dental Implant Dentist Bedford, NY can insert a titanium shaft into the person’s jaw bone. Within a few hours the gum will start to embrace the shaft and it becomes a new tooth root. After the gum has completed healing, the dentist can attach a porcelain crown to the shaft. No one except the patient will ever guess that this is not a natural tooth. The patient can care for it just as they would a natural tooth. They can floss around it and brush it. There is no extra care needed. People can expect a dental implant to last for decades.

It’s best to have a dental implant soon after the tooth extraction. Once the jaw doesn’t have a tooth root to hold, it starts to lose density. After some time passes, there won’t be enough jaw to support the dental implant. At that point the Dental Implant Dentist Bedford, NY will have to perform a bone graft to augment the size and density of the jaw. Of course this adds time and cost to the procedure. Everyone is concerned about infections these days. So the fewer the procedures the better.

A Dental Implant Dentist will also use implants to give denture wearers a better fit. In this case, the dentist will use a mini dental implant to secure the dentures. These implants are about half the size of a standard dental implant. They are inserted at several points in the gum. The top of the implant is fitted with a small metal ball. This ball fits into a slot in the dentures. In the morning the denture wearer pops them into their mouth and positions them over the balls. Once the denture is snapped into place, the denture wearer enjoys a very secure fit.

Dental implants can be a very expensive treatment option. Most dentists understand that these are emergency procedures and the patient doesn’t have time to save up the money to pay for them. Dentist often make payment plans available or accept credit cards to help their patients afford the dental care they need.

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