Mediterranean Cuisine, a Fine Thing

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Hotels And Motels

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The Mediterranean, a beauty to the eye and the pallet. Starting with the two ingredients that are common to most Mediterranean cuisines are olive oil and garlic. This is most likely due to the fact that olives and garlic are perfectly acclimated to grow in this area. Since cultures always use foods that are commonly grown where they live this makes sense.

If you were to say the word “Mediterranean cuisine” many people would think automatically of Italian food or perhaps, coastal French or Spanish food. This is true however, the regions around the Mediterranean Sea also have a wide range of flavorful ingredients that is used in many different regional variations.

Finding fish and seafood dishes are common, including dishes like octopus and scallops. You can find such dishes in abundance in the French Mediterranean Cuisine NYC areas. Many seafood dishes can be found here and they can range from fried to perfection to sauteed to brilliance.

Croatia is a very good example of Mediterranean cuisine, one of the Balkan countries formed in the late 20th century Yugoslavia was disillusioned. This area of cuisine resembles more of a Greek feel. You would find meals packed full of lamb, veal, duck, and sausages. A popular Christmas dish is call the Purgerica which is a wonderful Turkey stuffed with apples, lemons, chestnuts and bacon. Other meats can be stuffed with wonderful cheeses and hams.

As you head to the coast however you will find more seafood infused dishes. The octopus, cuttle fish, fish stews, and soups are popular. A well know Italian dish is also popular here it is called risotto. Sometimes mistaken for rice this is actually a pasta dish. These and other favorites are found easily in the French Mediterranean Cuisine NYC district. Flavor is never far from home and mouth watering meals are never far from the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean is beautiful, not just for it’s grace and appearance but for the succulent cuisine it offers. From the simple olive to the pungent garlic clove you will find this region to be heaven for your eyes and your mouth. So take a trip to the coast of the Mediterranean if you can and slip into a world of pleasing pallets.