Medical Device Design in the 21st Century

If your San Diego company is involved in medical device design you have much to be thankful for. This is an exciting time to be in the business. Technology is advancing at an amazing rate and almost every day, some kind of innovative design is created to greatly enhance and extend the lives of many. But what factors are important when you consider a new concept? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Cost Effectiveness

With medical costs climbing to almost astronomical rates these days, cost is perhaps the most important feature to consider. After all, if the cost is too great for the patient or insurance company, even some of the best products may see limited use and may not make it to market. So how can cost be controlled?

Materials Selection

In some cases, choosing a lower cost material can be the difference between meeting budget and exceeding budget. However, it requires a great deal of study to ensure the stability, efficiency and safety are the same as the previous material considered.

Custom or “Off the Shelf”?

In may be far more cost effective to use off the shelf” medical device design, especially for products like medical braces. This is where engineering plays an important role. For example, if you can develop a brace which is highly adjustable and meets more than one need, you can lower cost and increase usage, and medical facilities in San Diego are more likely to invest.


Performance is an essential element to consider. In other words, how will the device function under use? There is where extensive testing must be implemented, and imagination also comes into play. One must think of all the possible scenarios in which something can go wrong and plan ahead for them. Will it be used extensively in climates like San Diego or can cold weather have an effect? These solutions must be built into the medical device design.


Some people may see the finished product and think little about the packaging costs. In reality, packaging can add a great deal to the cost, especially when it comes to shipping expenses. In other words, the smaller the package the better, but it still must fully protect the product.

Product Development and Testing

Do you have the right facilities, people and equipment for the job? If not, you might want to consider hiring a trusted engineering firm with expertise in these matters. This will not only lower your development costs, but can greatly increase overall efficiency.

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