Marine Expert Witness Assessments and Appraisals in Delray Beach, FL

A maritime expert witness is an individual with a full understanding of all marine subjects. This expert can contribute valuable opinions in a court of law, primarily in support of a maritime lawyer. For those planning on buying a boat, an expert appraisal survey with detailed documents assessing the vessel’s value and condition
can prove invaluable as backup to the buyer’s findings.

Recreational Vessels

For people living in Delray Beach, FL, having a boat is a great asset. It can become a part of life in the area, exploring or going on expeditions or outings. A survey or appraisal by an expert witness will be a highly valuable second opinion that informs a well-considered purchase.

Commercial Vehicles

The same goes for commercial watercraft. A maritime expert witness in Delray Beach, FL, can assess the condition of new or used craft and provide F & I inspections and damage reports.

Special surveys are also an option for lenders or insurers. For anyone planning on insuring one vessel or a modest fleet, having the perspective of a maritime expert witness in Delray Beach, FL, is essential. Important considerations in special surveys include intended use, mooring location and captain and crew qualifications.

A Delray Beach FL Maritime Expert Witness

Roy Scott is a former officer in the U.S. Coast Guard with long experience in marine inspection, law enforcement and investigations. For complete and concise expert assessments, contact Roy at Scott Marine Surveyors of Florida at (561) 706-3887 or via today.

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