Marble Polishing Powder ? Keeping Marble Beautiful

We know that marble flooring boosts the elegance of a house, but you can?t keep the surface intact and looking new forever without proper maintenance and daily care. The most common problems with marble stone are loss of shine, staining, yellowing, stun marks, water rings and spots. Although you can?t totally avoid the daily wear and tear, a caring attitude, a little marble polishing powder and a few smart cleaning tips can keep your marble in good shape for a long time to come.

Marble Polishing at Home

Getting the natural glow of a marble surface back can be easy depending on how frequently you clean or polish it. You won?t need to spend too much of your hard earned money on any kind of polishing equipment or tools. You will need a regular drill and a stone grinder at the most. Try using marble polishing powder according to the manufacturer?s instructions, as this usually does the trick just fine. The process might create lots of fine dust so remember to cover the surrounding area. Wear mouth, nose and eye protection as well to be safe.

Be Gentle to Your Floor Made of Marble

It?s a very soft stone. If you use an extremely harsh or acidic solution, it won?t take much time to react with the limestone present in the marble. Any solution that contains acid will make marble weak and affect its durability. You have to apply a solution that has a neutral pH balance. This type of solution will be strong enough to polish the marble floor, but gentle enough to keep the marble intact.

Buy Protective Sealer

Loss of gloss or yellowing of the marble is all too common. The problem will be severe if you let tomato sauce and other spills children cause sit on the surface. To lock the gloss of a newly polished marble, apply a sealer as per the manufacturer?s instructions and protect the surface from hard to remove stains and damage. If you care about your marble flooring, try not to spill too many acidic substances on it.

Use a Marble Polishing Powder to Remove the Water Rings

This is quite a common problem, as hard-water minerals like calcium and magnesium often leave spots when the water they are suspended in dries. This type of problem can be handled with a polishing powder made specifically for marble surfaces. If the spots are too deep, it might require honing. Try to apply stone paste wax from time to time to remove the water stains and maintain the natural glow of the stone.

Professional Help for Marble Polishing

Professionals with all the required maintenance tools and solutions can help you with marble polishing if the surface condition is already worse than you feel comfortable handling. If it?s anything more than light dings and scratches, you probably need an expert. Hire a professional service provider who has the expertise and experience to do the marble restoration properly. A few companies are specialized to tackle this level of marble flooring condition. If you need restoration for a commercial space made of marble, it?s better to hire such experts. Chances are there?s simply too much surface for an amateur to handle.

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