Managing The Transition Of Autism Therapy To Telehealth Services

One of the challenges for many medical and mental health services and service providers in Chicago, IL, is the difficulty of seeing clients in their everyday surroundings. For children on the autism spectrum, meeting with the child in an unfamiliar office setting does not provide an accurate impression of the child’s current coping skills and potential areas for growth.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) typically experience some level of challenge in being in new settings, in managing changes to their routines and daily schedules, and in communicating with people around them. While ABA therapy in Chicago, is extremely beneficial, it is most effective when the therapist or behavior analyst can see and work with the child in the home, school or community environment.

Moving to Telehealth Services

The move to telehealth services for ABA therapy is a natural match. Parents and others working with the child can collaborate through a telehealth call to coordinate services for the child. Applied Behavior Analysis is a structured, focused, and progressive approach to treating the specific behavioral issues for the individual child.

In addition, the therapist can work directly with the child. For many children with ASD, this type of communication through technology is actually more effective and more engaging than direct personal contact.

The child, and the family, is able to meet with the ABA therapy professional in the comfort of their own home, creating less stress and anxiety for the child. Similar to in-home therapy services, it is therefore a supportive and familiar environment, eliminating much of the distress that many ASD children experience when coming into an office or clinical setting.

As with in-home therapy, telehealth services are provided on a confidential basis. Each child has his or her treatment plan. This plan focuses on building skills for the child to increase their communication, understanding of social situations, and to increase their comfort levels in the home, school and community.

There are highly experienced groups providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in the Chicago, IL, area. To find one that is offering telehealth services, be sure to check online and call to confirm the service is available.

To find out more about ABA therapy through telehealth services in the Chicago, IL, area, visit The Autism Therapy Group. We are easy to find online.

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