Making Your Way Safely Through Levels Of A Parking Garage In Chicago

If you’ve never used a parking garage, then you might be a bit intimidated because of the tight spaces and the various levels that you have to navigate to reach a spot. Try to arrive well ahead of the time of any so that you can easily navigate the garage instead of rushing through the process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you have a pleasant experience instead of worrying about what could happen while at a Grant Park parking garage.

Entrance and Exit

There is usually a clearly marked entrance and exit to all parking garages. Most of the time, there is a small booth at the entrance where a guard sits and answers questions or accepts payments. Keep in mind that there are some garages that don’t require a payment for parking your car. Contact the garage beforehand to find out if you need to have cash on hand or if you can use a debit card if a payment is needed.

Small Spaces

Most garages have ceilings that are quite low. This means that some of the taller trucks and SUVs might not be able to easily fit in the garage. If you have a vehicle like this, then consider learning more about the clearance in a Grant Park parking garage or others in the city before you attempt to take a larger vehicle to the location.

Use Caution

While navigating inside the garage, you need to drive slowly. Sometimes, other drivers might not be able to clearly see you until you are right behind them. Most garages have a posted speed limit and it is important to follow these speed limits.

Contact ParkChirp for more details about tips for driving in a Grant Park parking garage.

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