Maintaining Healthy and Safe Working Conditions in the New York Metro Area

Exhaust fans that pull grease out of the air are common in home kitchens. The same concept applies to larger commercial exhaust fans that install on rooftops and carry workplace contaminants outside. They’re very useful in keeping the interior air clear of harmful particles and airborne health hazards. To know which exhaust system works best for a business, a review of key points is worthwhile.

The Purpose of a Commercial Ventilation System

Ultimately, roof exhaust fans bring in fresh air to workspaces. They achieve this by pulling the airborne contaminants out through the roof and replacing them with fresh outside air.

Depending on the nature of production, contaminants could also be explosive and result in explosions or fires if left to accumulate.

Exhaust fans also serve to regulate a building’s interior temperature, keeping it at an even setting. A parallel benefit is a reduction in the air’s moisture and control of the ambient humidity.

How Commercial Exhaust Fans Work

The first step is an air intake that pulls in contaminants. The air passes through ducts to an air-cleaning mechanism. The roof exhaust fans subsequently pull in clean and fresh air and propel the used air away from the facility. The continuous process results in a consistent flow of clear air into the workplace.

A Top Local Supplier

Leading suppliers of air-processing and ventilation systems in the New York Metro region can help businesses and facilities find the most successful roof exhaust fan for commerce and production. Top manufacturers of commercial, residential and industrial fans carried by ventilation specialists can include Airmaster Fans, Broan, Barry Blower, Chelsea, Emerson, Fantech, Panasonic, PennBerry, FloAire and US Draft Co. Contact Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co at 718-899-9090 or find them at to learn more.

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