Looking Younger Through Photo Rejuvenation Treatment

In society today everyone is looking for a way to turn back the hands of time. They want to find that magical treatment to make themselves look and feel younger. Regular exercise and diet will play a small part in doing this, by keeping your muscles and body tone and looking good. You may start using moisturizers and creams to try and combat the laugh lines, crow feet and wrinkles that will show up over time. One such procedure that some people are trying is Photo Rejuvenation Treatment.

This type of treatment is used to dilate blood vessels, reduce redness, and lighten the skin on your face, neck or chest. It is also used to assist patients who have flushing. If you have brown spots due to aging or sun exposure, it can also be used to treat those and by using collagen stimulation it improves the size of the pores in your skin along with excessive oiliness. You will slowly see a change in your skin during the treatments which usually consist of 3-5 treatments over a month to two month period.

A company like Longevity performs treatments that consist of a laser that uses light waves to target both the red blood cells and also melanin, which is the pigment in age spots or freckles. When using the laser, it travels through the hemoglobin or melanin and fragments the pigment, which later is absorbed into the body. While you will see an improvement with each office visit, it takes time for the full procedure to be finished so at the end of each treatment you will see more and more of a change from your initial visit to the dermatologist. Just take a picture of yourself before your first treatment so that, while the change is gradual, you will be able to compare the difference from the first treatment to the last one.

While receiving Photo Rejuvenation Treatment, these 30-90 min treatments will cause a little discomfort, especially with the first treatment that is being received while your body gets used to the process. Because this type of procedure is done with a laser, it is important that you protect your eyes from any exposure to this light. The specialist will provide you with special glasses or material to cover your eyes to protect them. Visit website for more information.

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