Locked Out? Call a Mobile Locksmith in Manhattan, KS for Assistance

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Locks and Safes

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It is very frustrating to get home late at night and realize that the house keys are inside the house. If there are no emergency keys nearby, one phone call to a Mobile Locksmith in Manhattan KS can have help on it’s way. While it is upsetting to be locked out of a house, it’s more upsetting to arrive home and find the front door off of its hinges. Once the police have completed their investigation, the locksmith can fix the door locks. If needed, they can expertly install a replacement door.


Mall parking lots and garages are quite large and have many isolated parking spaces. If shoppers return to their car and realize they don’t have their car keys or the key isn’t working, they can also call a locksmith. He will arrive with a van that has all of the sophisticated equipment needed to repair or replace a transponder key or smart key. The emergency locksmith will arrive promptly in a marked van with a uniformed locksmith. It will be easy for the customer to identify them.


Lockworks of Manhattan KS provides a wide range of services. In addition to their emergency services, a locksmith can inspect all of the door and window locks to ensure that they are strong enough to do their job. Adding deadbolt locks to all of the doors is a very effective way to discourage casual thieves and vandals. However, a door lock doesn’t do any good if the resident feels obligated to open the door. A locksmith can install security cameras at the front door. If someone knocks on the door late at night, the resident can see who it is without going near the door. They can then call the police, if they feel they are in danger.


Retail shop owners rely on locksmiths to balance the needs of their customers to inspect products with the need to secure the products. Security cameras can also be used by shop owners to let them follow customers on the showroom floor. If someone does put a scarf in their purse, the owner has proof. They can then call the police who will arrest the person as soon as they leave without paying for the item. Visit www.lockwrks.com for more details.