Local Plumbing Contractor Atlanta Area

You come back home to the cold weather exhausted after a week vacation on a tropical island. You are looking forward to cooking a light supper and going to bed early. You unlock the front door walk into the kitchen and then you see it, a water pipe had frozen and burst. There was water all over the kitchen. The tile on the floor was curling and starting to come up off the wood. You had never thought to turn the water off before you left so that the pipes wouldn’t freeze. That was a bad mistake. Major damage can come from frozen water pipes that have burst. The effect of water gushing through your home can be very damaging and you are going to need the help of an experienced Local Plumbing Contractor In Atlanta.

When considering your plumbing needs, be aware that a plumbing contractor and plumber may sound and be similar, they in fact do different things. Common plumbing problems such as a clogged toilet or a leaky faucet and even pipes that haven’t burst yet are problems that a plumber should be able to handle. He would use common plumbing tools tool such as a snake to help unclog the toilet. He can fix most minor and some major plumbing problems. A plumber would install garbage disposals, pipes and kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as the sink and toilet.

A Local Plumbing Contractor Atlanta would handle the bigger jobs such as new construction projects, home remodeling and renovation projects such as the damage from a frozen pipe that had burst. A Local Plumbing Contractor Atlanta would install entire water and waste systems.

When searching for a plumbing contractor it is a good idea to have a list of questions handy that you can use to highlight areas that you want to discuss. Make a check of the contractor’s credentials to make sure they are licensed, qualified and capable of doing the job. Get referrals from friends.

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