Let Cosmetic Dentists Restore Your Beautiful Smile In Bayside NY

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Dentistry

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Taking the time out of your busy schedule to practice good dental hygiene is an important task and should be respected. Your teeth serve an important purpose by helping us chew and digest our food properly. Without them, it would be difficult to enjoy many of the foods that people consume on a daily basis. Unfortunately many of these foods can cause damage to your teeth and gums. One of the main concerns when it comes to damage to your teeth, are cavities. Cavities are small fractures in your tooth’s enamel, and can be caused by a variety of foods that usually contain high amounts of sugar. Certain types of beverages can also cause cavities, including sodas and other drinks that contain a lot of sugar in them. While many cosmetic dentists Bayside, NY advise patients to avoid these types of food and beverages entirely, it’s not always necessary as long as you practice a good dental hygiene routine on a daily basis.


Many dentists, such as Northern Plaza Dental Care, offer a variety of tips and information on their websites that can benefit you a as a patient in the care of your teeth at home. Many problems that can happen to your teeth, will have several solutions that can help restore them. Cavities can be filled with dental cement when not severe, or crowned if the tooth has too much damage to the outer enamel. Usually this crowning will occur after a root canal is done, to remove the tooth’s nerve and prevent infections from occurring due to the original cavity damage.


Another procedure that many cosmetic dentists Bayside, NY have relied on to restore your smile and dental health, is the use of veneers and implants. Veneers are similar to crowns, but are made to closely resemble real teeth as much as possible, and cover your original tooth when applied. Implants on the other hand, replace your teeth entirely, by using a porcelain cap anchored by a metal anchor in your jawbone. Implants are much healthier than the older method of using dentures, since they promote bone growth whereas dentures compact bone.