Learning in America: Motivating Teen While Attending Online Classes

You know your child is going to be attending one of the many online schools for high school students, but you’re afraid they won’t be excited about it. Following are a few tips to help motivate your teenager.

Keep Up With the School

One thing you want to do is keep up with the school’s notifications. Look over the curriculum, and make sure you pay attention to any announcements made by the teachers. Be sure to take note of when big projects are due or when tests are coming up so that you can remind your teen.

Stick to a Schedule

Creating a schedule is vital if you want to motivate your kids for online schools for high school. Make sure you block out all distractoins during school time. Don’t allow visitors during these hours so that your teen sees online school is serious.

Discover New Learning Opportunities

It is important to find new learning opportunities and styles. Each student learns differently, and this should be taken into account. Help them discover the material differently every so often, including hands on learning exercises, and in audio format instead of just visual.

Listen to Your Teen

Be sure to listen to your teen. Engage in active listening where you allow your teen to express him or herself and carefully consider their words before you speak. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from your teen if you give him or her an opportunity to talk. Try to focus on how they feel about school and what they wish could be improved.

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