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Medical care is expensive, even for pets. But it is one of the responsibilities of sharing your life and home with an animal you care about. Good medical care is as important for your furry friends as it is for their humans. It is how they can live a longer, more comfortable life.


Many pet owners will attend vaccination clinics to receive the required rabies shots their dog or cat needs. This is helpful because it keeps the whole community safe, but it is not enough. This type of Pet Care service in Gulfport MS has one purpose, to immunize as many animals as possible in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, the veterinarians do not have the time to assess the health of the animals which come through their line.


This assessment is a necessity because it is how an illness or disease can be spotted early, and controlled or cured easier. Pets are very good at hiding pain and sickness. It is a natural trait which they developed to keep them safe in the wild. Sick animals are easy targets for others looking for a quick meal. Even though you know a Pomeranian or tabby cat are not likely to be devoured by wolves while reclining on the sofa, their natural instincts tell them anything is possible.


Many diseases will have no obvious symptoms until it is too late. When you schedule an annual visit with a Pet Care service in Gulfport MS your pet will be thoroughly examined to ensure they are as healthy as they seem. This will include a careful physical exam of their skin and coat, eye exams, lab work to check for parasites and an assessment of their heart, lungs and more. Specific concerns, including behavioral issues, will be discussed and any immunizations or treatments can be performed.


If your pet has been more than a year without an in-depth medical exam, Visit the website for the Northwood Hills Animal Hospital. Learn more about what care is available to your pet and schedule an appointment today. Even if they are 100 percent healthy, you will feel better knowing you have provided them with the loving care they deserve.

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